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19 November 2016

Quantum Computers

In my previous post, Bitcoin in the News : 2016-10, the last news item was,
'Is Bitcoin Doomed?' (newsweek.com) • 'Cyber security experts say bitcoin will disappear when the first quantum computer appears.' • Since I know little about quantum computing, I'll digress for the next few posts to spend time on it.

I spent a pleasant few hours watching Youtube videos on quantum computing and chose the following as a good introduction.

Quantum Computer in a Nutshell (Documentary) (30:01) • 'The reservoir of possibilities offered by the fundamental laws of Nature, is the key point in the development of science and technology.'

The description continued,

Quantum computing is the next step on the road to broaden our perspective from which we currently look at the Universe. The movie shows the history of progress in this fascinating field of science, introduces the most promising models and algorithms, explains the advantages of quantum computers over classical solutions, and finally presents wonderful people thanks to which the quality of our lives is constantly being improved. Even if you don't want to understand the video, please watch till the end at least to realise how big is the human thirst for knowledge.

An important message I picked up from another video was that quantum computers don't replace traditional computers -- they allow us to tackle problems that traditional computers can't handle because of algorithmic complexity. That topic is covered briefly at the end of the video. In my next post I'll try to learn more about quantum algorithms.

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